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Setup Masternode

Open your Pozoqo wallet and make sure that you have enough PZQ coins to cover the masternode collateral of 1,000 PZQ. Generate a new BLS key for your masternode. To do this, click on "Tools" > "Debug console" and enter the command "bls generate". The console will output a private and public key. Keep the private key safe as you will need it later. Get the information needed to register your masternode. This includes the following:
  • Masternode IP address and port number
  • Masternode BLS public key
  • Masternode collateral transaction ID and output index

  • Sign the ProRegTx transaction

    Use the code below to sign the proregtx transaction
    signmessage collateralAddress signMessage

    Generate a BLS key pair

    bls generate
    "secret": "395555d67d884364f9e37e7e1b29536519b74af2e5ff7b62122e62c2fffab35e",
    "public": "99f20ed1538e28259ff80044982372519a2e6e4cdedb01c96f8f22e755b2b3124fbeebdf6de3587189cf44b3c6e7670e"

    Add the private key to your masternode configuration

    Add the private key to your masternode configuration in the vps server

    nano ~/.pozoqocore/pozoqo.conf

    Prepare a ProRegTx transaction

    First, we need to get a new, unused address from the wallet to serve as the owner key address (ownerKeyAddr). This is not the same as the collateral address holding 1000 PZQ. Generate a new address as follows:


    This address can also be used as the voting key address (votingKeyAddr). Alternatively, you can specify an address provided to you by your chosen voting delegate, or simply generate a new voting key address as follows: getnewaddress

    Then either generate or choose an existing address to receive the owner's masternode payouts (payoutAddress). It is also possible to use an address external to the wallet:

    Prepare the registration

    protx register_prepare collateralHash collateralIndex ipAndPort ownerKeyAddr operatorPubKey votingKeyAddr operatorReward payoutAddress (feeSourceAddress)

      collateralHash: The txid of the 1000 PZQ collateral funding transaction
      collateralIndex: The output index of the 1000 PZQ funding transaction
      ipAndPort: Masternode IP address and port, in the format x.x.x.x:yyyy
      ownerKeyAddr: The new Dash address generated above for the owner/voting address
      operatorPubKey: The BLS public key generated above (or provided by your hosting service)
      votingKeyAddr: The new Dash address generated above, or the address of a delegate, used for proposal voting
      operatorReward: The percentage of the block reward allocated to the operator as payment
      payoutAddress: A new or existing Dash address to receive the owner’s masternode rewards
      feeSourceAddress: An (optional) address used to fund ProTx fee. payoutAddress will be used if not specified.

    signmessage collateralAddress signMessage

    Submit the signed message

    protx register_submit tx sig

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